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Welcome To SeeBaysh Software's Web File Transfer Support Forum
Started: 1/22/2015 2:47 PM
Questions / Suggestions
A few questions: 1) On the form to fill out a New Account, after you type all the field information, if you hit the enter key can you make it “activate” the Send button instead of the Help button? Right now if you hit enter, the Help menu pops up and deletes the passwords typed in. 2) We set it up for the two default folder names be “Uploads” and “Downloads”. It purged the files we already had, I can no longer see “My Documents” but it still exists on the server. This is fine. However, I created a new user “test” and its two default folders are “My Documents” and “Downloads”. However on the server (under admin) it shows that user “test” has two folders called “Uploads” and “Downloads”. Does this sound right, should these be different? 3) After uploading a file with the popup box, in order to close the box you have to hit the X on the upper right hand corner. This is ok. Then you have to refresh the page in order to see the new files. Is there a way to have a “Close” button on the popup box that actives the refresh of the page so you can see the new files? 4) When sending an “E-Mail Web Link”, there is a checkbox for “Require E-Mail Receipt”. Is there a way to make this default to always be on for everyone? 5) On the “E-Mail Web Link” popup, can you adjust the tab indexes? Everything is in order except the “Comments:” box. It appears to be the first tab index (or the last, I’m not completely sure). 6) On the “E-Mail Web Link” popup, can you make the “Enter” key activate the “Send(Server)” button? I’m not sure what it currently does, it appears to refresh the page and delete the “Send Web Link To:” email recipients. If you cannot make it default “Enter” to be the “Send(Server)” button, maybe make it do something where it doesn't delete the email recipients?
Posted: 1/27/2015 8:35 PM
Josh we have emailed a response to you on these items.