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Started: 3/10/2019 7:49 AM
Penis Enlargement Pills
​Well I actually bought the Vimax pills and I didn't notice anything until after the second month. After the 2nd month, my penis starting growing wider. It grew 4 cm in width so far by taking a ruler to the penis. I do not have a tape measure to go around the penis so it is actually more than 4 cm, but I don't know how much The pills do work, it is just a hit or miss for some people. I am not doing any exercises btw, and as of today I have noticed tremendous growth in the width of the penis. I will edit my answer if I get anymore bigger. I bought the 4 month supply and I am going to probably get another two months supply if I see anymore results within 2 weeks before my last bottle. Read more about penis enlargement pills. I have seen results so far, but it took over 2 months for me. Everyone's body is different. A lot of people do not stay with the Vimax pills long enough to see any result. I've been using pro-solution for 3 months. U know what I think it works. Somethings going on down there, it seems bigger but no change when I measure it. Reviewer: Tom from Lexington KY I took Magna RX+ 2 Months got some results. I believe there's better out there. I got results, Mar 24, 2009 Reviewer: Eric from Cody WS followed instructions to take 6 8 months. gained 2 inches. no need for maintenance pills. but way to long for short gain. Review for: Roaring Tiger (See all reviews of Roaring Tiger) Disappointed, Mar 24, 2009 Reviewer: Kees from Texarkana AK After 3 months only gained 1/2 in length and 1/4 girth. After I stopped taking the pills only a 1/4 of the gain in length. (4 months) nothing like what they advertised. didn't do much, Mar 23, 2009 Reviewer: Jd from flagstaff az this enzyte gave me roaring boners, a little bit wider girth, length stayed the same no increase, but increased blood pressure. Reviewer: Pete from West Covina, CA This is a good product. I gained an inch in girth and with the length it's about half an inch longer. But the biggest change is that now I have headcracking orgasms. It's made me way more sensitive down there and I want to bang my wife every day. Review for: Save your money, Mar 23, 2009 Reviewer: Lance from San Diego I bought the 6 month package of Penis enlargement pills. Sorry, it's total crap I've had zero results. I see their ads everywhere. They're good at running ads, but what about making a better product!!?? Review for: Penis enlargement pills (See all reviews of Penis enlargement pills) Vigrx Plus, yeah baby!, Mar 23, 2009 Reviewer: Gavin from Peoria, IL Hey this is fantastic! I'm so glad I found this site! I've been trying to find an independent site so I can hear the experiences of other people instead of just the sales hype of all the companies selling pills. Anyway, I have always been a skeptic about these pills but I thought I would try one bottle for $76-99. After a week or so I didn't see anything change and immediately I got that old feeling. "I've been ripped off". But I remembered reading about people who had seen results after 3 months so I thought it was only fair to try for a little longer. After 4 weeks I began to feel that my erection was getting bigger, and was fuller too. Things are happening. I will report back after 3 months. I had a very small penis and was tired of rationalizing it away so I decided to do something about it. After researching on Google I carefully evalualted all the products available and decided to go with Penis enlargement pills. As I write this it's been 6 weeks since starting. Well I have new hope. I have gained about an inch in length. My girl commented on it being bigger and says she can feel the difference. When we are in bed now she says not to stop. I feel real confidence now, it feels good. I'll continue with VigRX as long as it continues to work.