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Started: 11/4/2014 2:13 PM
Button Labels
Something very simple, but a ton of my customers have no clue what to hit when they login, would love the ability to have button labels for the upper left bar, upload files etc.
Posted: 11/5/2014 7:11 AM
If you hover your mouse above the icons it will tell you what each of the  icons do. If this is not what you are referring to please send a screenshot.

Posted: 11/13/2014 4:54 PM
Hover over is fine, but we have a large number of computer novices that utilize this site, having labels underneath each icon would go a LONG way to alleviating dozens of phone calls a month. Something there so you dont have to guess/hover over them for the non computer literate people to use, even if there is just a toggle to have or remove them would be great