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The first feature you are looking for has been incorporated into version 5.3 by allowing for a password to be required to download a file.

Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2011 11:35 PM
Subject: Feature and suggestion

Hi There,
Been trying out your software and so far been very impressed.
A couple of thoughts relating to web links.
Firstly, could security be improved further by including Letters or symbols into the filetransferID. This would help prevent guessing (or scripting) a Number.
Secondly, It would be very handy to have a feature where you can create a secure web link for uploads. In that a user could select a folder, right click on it and create a web link that actually allows a guest to upload, without a need to creating an account.
The first suggestion i think is rather important, the second would be nice but not neccessary as there are other ways around it.

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